This formulate in Ergofito Semi develops several important functions (biochemical, biophysical and defense) in the seeding, budding, emergence and growth.


Protects the seed from fungi parasites

Develops enzymesBiological molecules that catalyze (i.e., increase the rates of) chemical reactions that stimulate budding and reduce losses considerably

Brings micro-organisms that optimize the micro habitat in a spherical radius 5 to 10 times the seed diameter which reduces all stress causes which the small root encounters when it emerges from the seed

Vegetal extracts that stimulate a rapid growth of the root with the emission of numerous capillaries

The rapid growth of the root system allows the plant to better absorb and in greater measure the present elements in the soil, thus growing faster with increased vigor.

The mineral catalyzers, in synergy with the other components results in optimum capacity of cationic exchange optimizing the pH. and at the plant’s request, solubilize the nutrients in the substrate, which are normally not soluble.

Particular complex molecule of silica and carbon reduce the energy which the plant needs to commit for the lymphatic liquids circulation as they increase the capillarity’s fig phenomena.

The combined complex molecules of silica, carbon micro-organisms and humectants reduce and eliminate the hydric stress, as this captures the air humidity and give it to the plant. This action saves energy required by the plant to seek water in the substrate and bring it up to the leaves. By this action between 50 and 75% of irrigation water can be saved. Thermal stress is also reduced with irrigation as the water has a different temperature to the one in the substrate.

The presence of particular silicates increases the capture of photons, considerably increasing chlorophillian photosynthesisThe process in which the energy of sunlight is used by green plants to synthesize carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water.

The combined energy saving and stress reduction abates the losses, which plant’s sicknesses favors. The growth is therefore more harmonious and luxuriant.

For a full description see the brochure for seeds under Brochures