Mosquito Mozzi-Ology is a control for the reproduction of mosquitoes, it competes with the nutrients required by the mosquito larvae.
Once sprayed in gardens, around homes, schools and parks, it prevents mosquitoes from resting and breeding.

Malaria is transmitted by the female Anopheles mosquitoes, and more than 60 species have been incriminated in the transmission of infection (there are about 430 species of Anopheles and about 3500 species of mosquito’s altogether).
Some species are more significant than others as vectors, because of variations in susceptibility to the parasite or the propensity of the mosquito to bite humans and to enter houses, when looking for a blood meal. Anopheles gambiae sensu lato is the vector of most significance in Africa. Both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar and damaged fruits. But only females feed on animal blood to provide proteins for their eggs. The adult mosquito survives for between one week and one month.
Females lay their eggs in batches of 70-100 on the surface of water at night. The type of water used for egg laying is indicative of the mosquito species and includes irrigation channels, pools of water in tree trunks, and sewage effluent. In tropical temperatures the eggs hatch after two to three days.
The larvae lie just below the surface of the water and feed on algae, and after 7-14 days turn into pupae during a five-minute process. The pupa is comma-shaped and is the least active stage of the Anopheles lifecycle. After two to four days, the pupa metamorphoses into an adult mosquito. The adults emerge during late evening and are able to fly within minutes.
Mosquitoes usually mate in flight and the male is attracted to the female by the tone of her beating wings. The male Mosquitos antennae act as sound receptors to the tone. Once mated, the female searches for a blood meal. Following sensory cues such as the host odour, carbon dioxide and convection currents, she seeks out a resting place which may be indoors or outdoors, depending on the species.When the blood meal has been found and digested, the ovaries develop and the mature eggs are laid at night.
Historically, the most effective way to wipe out or control malaria, was through the use of DDT with its environmental damaging consequences and unhealthy side effects. DDT was sprayed over large areas covering mostly water refuges used by mosquito and was highly effective. Regrettably, it poisoned many other creatures and living organisms including humans.
The learned lesson was that it was important to make an uncomfortable environment for the mosquito without damaging its surroundings or affecting anything or anyone else. If the female mosquito cannot find a suitable place to lay eggs, it will normally not lay eggs. If eggs are laid, the larvae have to eat and they thrive on algae in order to survive. By removing the algae, the larvae starve to death. This is the real key to eliminate and control mosquito infestation.
Ergo Mozzi-Ology
Ergo Mozzi-Ology is a product developed through 40 years of research, by a group of scientists, across four continents. It consists of a group of totally natural bacteria that compete for food and reproduction in the natural world. It is safe, very aggressive and works really fast.
Once Ergo Mozzi-Ology is released into the environment, it searches for food and competes directly with the nutrients required by larvae for its survival. Once sprayed in the garden around a home, school or park, it will create a "no go" area for mosquito to either lay eggs or take a rest. The product is harmless to all other living organisms as it is an integral part of nature’s balance.
Unlike zappers, chemical products or traps, Ergo Mozzi-Ology only targets mosquitos. This natural competition is focused on the mosquito’s food requirements and it's ability to breed in clear and polluted waters, where food is found. All plants, invertebrates, fish, frogs and other bugs, are not affected in any way. Understandably, Ergo Mozzi-Ology will also die once the food runs out; therefore a monthly application is required.
Ergo Mozzi-Ology is a 100% safe, natural product, that is totally harmless to humans, pets, plants and insects, with the exception of mosquitoes. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.
For a full description and application see Mosquito document under Mosquitoes