Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is simple; it’s all about balance. We identified where deficiencies or imbalances occurred in the environment and then worked towards bringing them back into harmony. In doing so, we have created a range of products that greatly benefit the environment. Not only are our products able to rehabilitate the environment from toxicity but they also make it stronger and healthier than before. Our aim, is to reverse the negative influence that man has had on our ecosystems and to turn destructive practices into beneficial, lasting ones, where we can live in harmony with nature.

Ergofito is pleased to introduce the Ergofito product line; a powerful tool in environmental remediation and agricultural bio-technology.

The core of each product is a unique Bacteria-Enzymatic blend, 100% natural and environmentally friendly, that works synergistically together with other natural agents, to organically decompose and rehabilitate toxic waste elements and convert them into viable nutrients for the environment.

The unique Ergofito formulation was originally developed in Italy, the leading pioneers in bio-enzyme technology. It took 36 years of research and development to perfect the compound we now call Ergofito Micro Concentrate.

Ergofito offers products for the Agricultural, Waste Management, Sewage Treatment and Oil Spill remediation.
Ergofito's proprietary formulations and exceptional uniformity index, ensures superior quality products with unprecedented and unmatched results. Consequently, the Ergofito line of products has gained wide support in multiple international markets.

Essentially, Ergofito has been able to harness the critical conversion elements naturally occurring in our soils and deploy them in a liquid compound for a large range of environmental remediation applications.

What sets Ergofito Micro Concentrate apart from its competitors, whose products fall into the broad category of "bio-remediation agents" is that Ergofito Micro Concentrate contains a complete set of naturally occurring, living biological microbesMicro-organisms causing fermentation – something few, if any, can claim to have at this time. What this means, is that when the right proportion of enzymesBiological molecules that catalyze (i.e., increase the rates of) chemical reactions and bacteria is present, they are able to live in harmony, without competition between the colonies and subsequent die off. Most other companies out there, have not managed to harness this harmony in a complete set of microbiology, and, as in nature, when there is imbalance, things do not survive.

This is not the case with Ergofito Micro Concentrate microbial blend, which, when deployed, thrives in the natural elements and continues to provide a tiny ecosystem of waste processing microbesMicro-organisms causing fermentation. A distinct feature in any of our products, is that they will not only breakdown the hydro-carbons but they will continue the remediation process whereby all the organics are converted into humic content, which is the only way the remediation can be completed.

It is worthwhile noting that the Ergofito Micro Concentrate microbesMicro-organisms causing fermentation are completely naturally occurring. They are not modified in any way – and as such, we are simply re-introducing microbesMicro-organisms causing fermentation that should already be in the soil, but which have been destroyed by human